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Scaling Up Marsh Science

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There is a lot of information about salt marshes on the internet. Here are a few links to get you started.

Salt marsh plants visible in our photographs

  1. The grass Spartina alterniflora
    More technical information here
  2. The succulent Batis maritima
  3. The succulent Salicornia virginica
  4. The rush Juncus roemerianus
  5. The seaside daisy Borrichia frutescens

Salt marsh animals visible in our photographs

  1. The snail Littoraria irrorata
  2. The salt marsh mussel Geukensia demissa
  3. The fiddler crab Uga pugnax
  4. The fiddler crab Uca pugilator

Research about salt marshes

  1. The Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research site
  2. The Plum Island Long-Term Ecological Research site
  3. The Virginia Coastal Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research site

For the youngsters

  1. Children’s book about salt marshes: And the tide comes in